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Meet Neil Wu Becker - Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder @ Nextbound

Neil Wu Becker is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Nextbound, a cutting-edge marketing firm specializing in advisory and interim CMO services, Branding, Growth Marketing, and Communications.

With over 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley’s tech sector, Neil has witnessed the evolution of the industry from the dotcom boom of the 1990s to the present day.

He also has a track record of devising creative, industry-recognized integrated marketing plans that accelerate brand awareness and demand/pipeline for fast-growing tech companies.

At Nextbound, Neil spearheads the marketing efforts of their services that leverage proven global management background as CMO leading B2B enterprise marketing for pre-IPO, unicorn, SaaS, AI, and public companies seeking to grow at scale. 

Neil’s passion for marketing stems from his love for the confluence of art and science, as well as his natural inclination toward creativity and messaging. 

His extensive experience as an in-house marketing professional has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to help Nextbound’s clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Check out Neil Wu Becker's thoughts on content marketing!

When it comes to connecting customer pain points, Neil shares:

"Marketing is named Marketing for a reason. We must understand the "market" we serve. To do that, we must look around corners and see opportunities to help customers before anyone else"

He also shares her thoughts on how to work with strategic partners:

"Whether I am at a F500 or fast-growing SaaS unicorn, strategic partnering requires two parties to work at the same level. The same standard of excellence with the same level of competence. The same measurement. Too often there is obvious inequity, and the partnership bears no fruit from joint marketing."

He also shares her thoughts on how to kep a brand fresh over time:

"Outside-in perspective from customers is a brand's lifeblood. It doesn't matter what execs, teams, or I think. It's what matters to customers -- brand essence, brand attributes. A regular cadence of customer focus groups ensures we do not live a lie with our brand's relevance."

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